Hi, I'm Derek Redican! An Art Director/Designer based in Dublin.

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Luna Lanai
Zanussi Washing Machine Campaign
UCD School of Medicine – Yearbook 2016
UCD School of Medicine – Annual Report 2014
Perigord Brand Identity
Newbridge Karate Club Identity
REACT Rebrand
NordMende Waterbox
Works better with the add-on.
TRAK Receipts
Meetings are a breeze
Shake Up
Emotional Baggage
USA Badge Design
Nordmende Motion Graphic
Nordmende Press Campaign
Nordmende TV 2014
Thai Cart
Think Audi
Volksfest Logo
Pack your Bags
Referendum Commission TV
Met your match?
5 Star Advantage
Greenlight for Kenya
Born to Suck
Stick with genuine parts
Slippery Roads
Pension Source
Up to speed
Either Way Betting
What's new?
Top Secret
Emergency Planning
Try,Try Again
Ford Car Service
The Overall Effect
How Far?
No One Gets Left Behind
Averian Rebrand
Incredible TV
Day Off
Paint The Town
Emergency Mint
Mission Nutrition
Sell Our Soul
A8 Test Drive
30 Degree Proof
The Sporting Emporium
Saigon Girl
The Beach
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