Twist. Click. Cook.
Creative Direction: Derek Redican.  |  Copywriting: Kevin Murray/Derek Redican.  |  Music: Greg Malocca.   |  VO: Nelly Henrion.   |   Post: Raygun.   
20 +10 sec TV & Online Ad Campaign to increase brand awareness for the De Dietrich brand of premium ovens and cookers.

For over 300 years La Maison De Dietrich has produced a constant stream of innovation in elegant, cutting-edge kitchen technology. De Dietrich has integrated an automatic mode of cooking, into its ovens’ programming options: the “Chef” Mode. Its allows you to prepare between 9 and 15 of your most frequently-cooked meals automatically. Thanks to a sensor which constantly analyses the dish’s humidity level, this exclusive technology adjusts all settings automatically: the cooking mode, the ideal temperature and even the cooking time.

Client: KAL Group | Brand: De Dietrich | Website:
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